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Would you like to become a Model? At All Models Wanted, we help aspiring models to take their first steps to becoming a model in the UK.

We understand that it can be hard to know where to start in the world of modelling, which is why All Models Wanted is here to help. We are leading the model industry that will take you through the process of becoming a model, advise you on your potential, help you understand which path into modelling is best for you; and help build your personal, professional model portfolio.

Our modelling advisors have helped 1,000s of people of all ages and body types to get into modelling. We don’t insist on deposits or payments to offer advice. So, what are you waiting for? Apply Now for FREE to arrange a test shoot, and one of our modelling advisors will get in touch.

Discover our Specialities

With the growth of the internet, online shopping and advertising in general;
there has never been so many opportunities for models of all ages, shapes, ethnicities and sizes.

As an agency we are here to help you to unleash your potential.


Baby Models are a great way into the modelling sector. Not only do you get gorgeous photos of your little one, but you could earn money if your baby becomes a star!


Child Modelling is getting bigger and bigger. Your child could be the next fashion icon! We will advise you on how to protect your child, while developing their career.


Female modelling is the most diverse category, offering opportunities for plus-sized, face, fashion or consumer modelling. We’ll help you to understand your options in a fast moving sector.


If you’d like to become a male model, then we’re here to help. There are lots of opportunities for campaign shoots, face modelling, catwalk and video or film to name but a few.


London is one of the biggest fashion cities in the world. From our home in Whitechapel, we help potential models get started by providing outstanding service and modelling advice to help them to become a top London Model, and break into the wider UK modelling scene.


Some of the greatest UK models have come from the North of England. From our home in Manchester, we help our Manchester Models by providing them with amazing service, advice and opportunities to become a model and break into the wider UK modelling scene.


As the home of everyone from Shakespeare to Pete Doherty; the Midlands has been the home of many a star. In the modelling space, from our home in Northampton, we help our Midlands Models to start their modelling carrier and break into both the local and wider UK modelling scene.


Most traditional models get their start as teenagers, and we are here to support and help both teenage models and parents to navigate the industry. We can help you to get started as a teen model, help you with opportunities while never losing sight that modelling is FUN!

Think you have what it takes? Apply now and find out.