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How much do Models get paid? - All Models Wanted

How much do Models get paid?

How much do Models get paid?

A. This can vary from job to job. 

Approximate rates : 

  • Adult £350 full day 
  • Adult £300 half day 
  • Adult £75 / £100 per hour 
  • Child £200 full day 
  • Child £100 half day 
  • Child £40 / £50 per hour 
    If a model is booked for a TV commercial then this can then become a substantial amount of money. 
  • How long does it take to get paid? 
    A. Usually within 4 / 6 weeks. All agencies must guarantee to pay the model within 5 working days of receiving the payment.
    Do I pay tax? 
    A. Yes as adults you are classed as self employed and you would be responsible for paying any taxes. Children do not pay tax.

Are expenses paid?
90% of the time yes. This should be 
confirmed prior to you accepting any jobs.